Hello dear Friends,
wishing you all that you are well and safe in these truly very special times with ongoing challenges. In the middle of all this: Let love, consciousness, and the vast beauty of the heart be your guide! 
We are still here on Corfu island preparing for the summer season of the Alexis Zorbas Center 2021.
These are indeed crazy times we are going through, with not many good news around…but we do have some good news:
Our first LIVE-CD has just been released! 
It has been on the line since many years…we had been recording many live-concerts and finally found the time to realize this project. This year all our live-concerts were cancelled due to the pandemic…so this is a nice opportunity to hear and enjoy some great live-moments with us!
It is actually two Live-CDs and the first one is already available on
Good live-music-highlights with many friends supporting us: Bansoori and Sax-Maestro Praful, Cello player Hans Christian, Ananda on e-guitar, Veetkam and Babek on drums and percussions.

THANKS for buying these CDs - difficult times for all kind of artists.
THANKS  to everybody who came to be with us in Satsang in our garden on Corfu!
It was indeed a special event for all of us, we really enjoyed it to welcome you in our garden. We are planning to repeat this next year and offer even more weeks of chanting and satsang - we’ll have more details about our Summer-Seminars on Corfu, in our next newsletter.

  Our yearly New-Year-Mantra-Celebration 2020/2021 is happening! As it looks right now, we are going to have the good fortune to meet  together again. Everything might be a bit more focused on awareness, meditation, mutual respect and silent ecstasy, but still doing what our heart loves. We are very much looking forward to meet and be and enjoy with you all at Seminar-Hotel Jonathan, at lake Chiemsee, South Germany.   Infos here

 Pari is still available for online-sessions, a good opportunity to be one to one in privacy with him.
Bookings with Para at  bettinaschwarz@aol.com 
Sending our heart out to you, wishing you love and happiness - till we meet again

Satyaa and Pari
Satyaa & Pari
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