Hello dear friends, wishing you a blessed New Year!
Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha
Ganesh Mantra: remover of obstacles  find the chords below
Hello dear Friends, 
wishing you all a beautiful, fulfilling and blessed New Year 2020
May we invite all of this into our lives - and how this is done, we just experienced and enjoyed together at our annual New Year Celebration, in the “Jonathan”, near lake Chiemsee, South Germany. Thanks to all participants, musicians, together we have had a most exquisite time in friendship, gratitude and explosion of happiness in our hearts.  Pictures HERE

Our second annual highlight is HEARTS ON FIRE” and the “SATSANG RETREAThappening at the “Alexis Zorbas Center” on Corfu island, Greece, starting the 27th of July and one can participate either one or both weeks.
For early bookings of the accomodation at Zorbas you get a discount till end of February!
It’s about giving yourself one or two weeks of complete divine relaxation, daily chanting, yoga, Satsang, concerts, hanging out on the beach enjoying yourself and others…what more does one need? Often we don’t give it to ourselves, waiting for something, that may never come.
Bookings, informations and reservations at Para :
Soon we are off to Asia and India for some weeks, returning back right on time for the beginning of spring 2020!
We are going to have concerts and whole day events, “Bhakti Days” in several places in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
During a Bhakti Day you can of course also chose to come to only one event, although it is advisable to give yourself a whole day batting in the waves of bliss with Yoga, Satsang and Mantra Concert. We invite musician-friends to support with their bamboo flute, violin, cello or percussions, come and have a plunge into love.

Here a gift for those, who ask us about the CHORDS of some of our songs. We are still working on our Mantra Songbook, but you can already find some chords on our website HERE

Wishing you lots of love and happiness,
give and share
Hari Om
Satyaa and Pari
A. & C. Laskaridis
Ackerstr. 15
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